Deaf Link Press Release

Accessible Video of Press Release


What is Deaf Link?

Deaf Link is a unique provider of accessible communication solutions with a mission to address the critical communications needs of persons with sensory disabilities who may be Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Deaf-Blind or literacy challenged. Core to Deaf Link’s services is the Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS).

What is an accessible alert?

An accessible alert is an emergency alert sent to registered residents who are Deaf, Blind, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf/Blind. Alerts are sent in ASL, English voice/text, and can be sent to internet connected braille capable devices.

These alerts are intended to improve communication access for individuals who are Deaf, who rely on ASL, deafblind, blind, hard of hearing, and individuals with literacy challenges. Family members and friends of these individuals are encouraged to sign up as well. 

There is no special equipment required to receive the alerts. Commercially available smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops with an active internet connection will work with the AHAS Alert system. At this time, AHAS alerts are not available on video phones.

How do you sign up?

Sign up by clicking HERE