Larimer County Sheriff’s Office: Flood – VOLUNTARY EVACUATION – Rustic to Stove Prairie

This is the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office with an emergency message. There is the potential for flooding in the area of Highway 14 from Rustic east to the Stove Prairie Road. Voluntary evacuations are advised for residents if they are concerned for their safety, feel they need additional time to exit the area, or have health conditions that may be aggravated by this incident.

You are encouraged to move livestock and pets out of the area and to prepare for mandatory evacuations. You are also encouraged to move valuables to a higher floor inside your home or business. If you choose to evacuate, secure your home or business and take what you need in case you are away for an extended period.

Avoid areas already flooded, especially if water is flowing fast. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams and never drive through flooded roadways. To view a map of the evacuation area, please visit For updates, text the word LCEVAC to 888777 from your cell phone. We will communicate evacuation information to that key word as needed. You may also text the word FLOOD2021 to 888777 from your cell phone to receive information on flooding in Larimer County. Please do not call 911 unless you are in danger.

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