PVREA Planned Power Outage

PVREA has a planned power outage Wednesday Oct 20th from 0800 – 4pm along Hwy 14, Glacier View, Crystal Lakes, Red Feather Lakes, and Livermore. Please refer to our map located on www.nocoalert.org for the exact area impacted. If you have a landline phone that requires power, it is likely you will lose the ability to call 9-1-1 from your landline device. Red Feather Lakes Fire Dept, Crystal Lakes Fire Dept, and Glacier View Fire Dept will be staffing their fire stations tomorrow for the duration of the power outage. If you have an emergency and cannot reach 9-1-1 on your landline phone, you can drive to one of the fire stations that are being staffed, or drive to an area where you have cell service, or drive to an emergency call box to reach our 9-1-1 personnel. Thank you.

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